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Everything Changes for Southwest Airlines Today

As of July 1, Southwest Airlines will have to give up the purely “domestic” part of its short-lived, self-appointed title, because the carrier no longer flies strictly within the U.S. Service to Aruba and Montego Bay, Jamaica, from Atlanta, Baltimore (BWI), and Orlando kicks off today, and in the coming months flights to the Bahamas and Mexico from gateways across the country (Milwaukee, Denver, and Orange County, Calif.) are scheduled to follow. ( Mehr...

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I have flown countless round trips on SWA. BNA-PVD-BNA; BNA-MDW-BNA; PVD-MDW-PVD. My uncle at Niles, Il would always gripe about the pain in the neck drive to Midway, and say, "Fly into O'Hare, I'll pay the difference", so, now I take the 'Pink Line to the 'Blue Line' to the 'PAL? Bus into Niles. I am one who has always liked Southwest and I enjoy the journey; by plane, train, bus, or auto.
Tim Duggan 2
Well, this is a marketing ploy for the general public, really. Meaning, AirTran has been operating these international routes already.

What happened is that on July 1 the Operating Certificates were combined...Airtran's eliminated, and all folded into Southwest's Certificate. And AirTran's radio call-sign "Citrus" retired.

If you look at the SWA route map, you see all (except SJU for some odd reason) the international cities are still in blue (denotes AirTran equipment). Of course, after the crew lists are merged, then what I write here will be obsolete......
preacher1 1
AirTran's predecessor, ValuJet is the one that had call sign of "Critter" wasn't it.
As it turns out "crispy critter" might be better.
Tim Duggan 1
OUCH!!!!! NOT cool.....
I probably shouldn't bring up bad memories. Is what it is.
Why the ejects? Just curious.
Not from me. I like SWA good as any. I won't be spending any money though going to or in Mexico.
preacher1 5
Not from me neither. The little gal from Dallas is all grown up.


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