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Everything We Thought about Training Was Wrong

The way we teach flying is changing, and that's a good thing. Leading this charge are a couple of companies that are looking at what we do and why we do it and questioning everything. Everything. The goal? Zero accidents. It sounds impossible, and maybe it is, but that needs to be our goal. For all the talk of fuel and training prices keeping pilots from learning to fly or from flying as much as they want to, the real secret behind filling the skies with GA airplanes is making it absolutely… ( Mehr...

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joel wiley 2
From the article:
Today, Cirrus pilots are encouraged to think chute early and often. I just completed my recurrent training in an SR22 and the process had changed drastically. There's a lot of talk of the chute, how to do it, when to do it and why not doing could ruin your day.

Just seems to me if your situation is such that 'pulling the chute' is the best option, your day is well down the path to being ruined.
Loral Thomas 1
So if I understand this article correctly, every GA pilot needs to buy a Cirrus so they can "pull the chute" when something goes wrong. Never mind getting a good basis of training. Gosh, what a simple answer. Guess all the training I had on unusual attitude recovery, IFR flying, terrain avoidance, instrument failure, etc. etc. was just a waste of time. I could have just bought a Cirrus and pulled the chute!

Too much of this new technology keeps the pilot's head IN the cockpit instead of watching what's going on outside the cockpit. Without Otto Pilot being onboard, directional control is sometimes lost and can lead to trouble. But guess you can always pull the chute.
joel wiley 1
So, when will Airbus acquire Cirrus and incorporate the technology in the A3XX series?


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