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James "Red" Duke, iconic surgeon who started Life Flight, dies at 86

Dr. James "Red" Duke Jr., Houston's iconic, cowboy-style doctor who delivered homespun health advice on nationally syndicated television and founded the Life Flight helicopter ambulance system, died Tuesday. He was 86. ( Mehr...

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dr duke was a remarkable guy..interesting,quirky,impressive,intelligent,and most of all a caring physician..i had the privilege of meeting him once when he was flying out of iah on American airlines..he was a gentleman and also a character..his red hair and mustache were complimented by a cowboy hat,jeans and boots,and he was as down to earth as he was famous..he really stood out in a crowd..he will be sorely missed, but his achievements such as "life flight" and the many people he has helped will dr duke...
Growing up in the shadow of Houston, Dr. Duke has always been a legend. He will be greatly missed by not only the Houston community but the medical community as well.
Derek Edwards 2
Is he related to astronaut Charlie Duke? I see a resemblance.
sparkie624 2
I have read about him... He was a good person, who I am sure is in the heavens above... He has saved a lot of lives over the years and from his Life Flight that other doctors are doing, he in a way is still saving lives.. May he rest in peace
Anthony Finder 2
Jinny "Red" Duke was my resident in General Surgery when I was a rotating intern at Parkland Hospital in Dallas in 1962. He was one of those charismatic guys you could never forget meeting or working with. I still remember his iconic response when I would present a case to him: "Ah believe you, son, but ah just need to see for mahself." I'm sure he had long since forgotten me, but he'll always be one of my best memories of Texas doctors. I would see stories from time to time about his TV show and his pioneering helicopter ambulance service. I'm saddened by this last news story of his death, but I'm sure God's got His hands full with him up there now! Rest in peace,Red. You've earned it!
Lee Sulecki 1
Dr Duke was one that if he ever met you, he would remember you, from then on. I was privileged to have him as a friend and mentor. I as many thousands of others will miss him.
Anthony Finder -1
Sorry for the typo, it' "Jimmy".


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