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[Video] C-5 Galaxy Touch & Go

C-5 Galaxy and its crew from Westover Air Reserve Base, Chicopee, Mass. trains on landings and takeoffs while another Westover C-5 waits to take off on a cargo mission. ( Mehr...

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oowmmr 3
Hey ma, I bounced the C5 today. That was funny and it has more wheels that a barrel of monkeys has monkeys!!
A beautiful aircraft with a well done touch & go. A pleasure to see by a USAF veteran and US taxpayer. Bravo to the crew and Lockheed.
tim mitchell 2
Dream job
Loyd Enochs 2
I love the shadow rippling over the trees on approach.
Dieter Hamann 2
What a wonderful experience
Dave Nosek 1
Love watching touch and go's., especially with the big transports. They look like there just floating when on approach.
WhiteKnight77 1
For their size, it is amazing to watch them take off with a load in 3000' of runway even though there was 9000' available. What is even more amazing is not even hearing them take off when you are 1/4 of a mile away from the runway centerline.

The engines on the new M mods are louder it seems. You cannot miss them flying around after Lockheed does the modifications here at the Marietta plant.

I will always be in awe of their size since the first time I ever walked through one when I was 10.
tom treutlein 1
I was lucky enough to watch a similar exercise about 25 years ago while flying a 172 just offshore. Watched a C5 downwind, base and final into Pease AFB runway 16. When he did the touch and go he was climbing out at my 3 oclock. Fantastic and exciting view.
Al Castleman 1
Now that's what I call a runway. Over two miles long.
fiveninerzero 1
Honestly, most large international airports typically have runways 1-2000 feet longer than this one.
Dave Nosek 1
Back in the day it was a B-52 base and they needed every foot they could get for takeoff.
Mike Zagorski 1
What a fantastic job and you get to fly for free.
Jeffrey Bue 1
C5s at Carswell JRB were doing touch and go's earlier this week too. At first I wasn't sure what the pilot was doing. Dang C5 is huge.
Edward Lehman 1
Brings back memories of my military time in the Control Tower, 1964-68.


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