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Report from Australian investigators suggests MH370 was a ‘zombie plane’

Buried in the lengthy report released last week by Australia’s MH370 investigators is one crucial revelation: the aircraft suffered a serious technical problem triggered by a power outage. The Australian Defense Science and Technology report officially acknowledges the doomed Malaysia Airlines flight suffered a sudden electrical failure before its disappearance on March 8 last year, the Daily Beast found. This backs the popular “zombie plane” theory, whereby the missing plane’s avionic systems… (www.foxnews.com) Mehr...

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linbb 6
Wow what a revelation without any hard proof must be a slow news day as this has already been posted a few days ago. Until there is a flight recorder to show what happened this is nothing more than speculation. And now a new name for it Zombie Plane WOW.
sparkie624 4
I call this BS... So what they had a power outage... But yet previous report shows that the WIFI was still working.... If that was the case the WIFI would not have been working, and also when power returned for the autopilot to work, the transponder would have started working as well... It was a real idiot to publish this report...
Bill Babis 2
I agree Sparkie. This is someone driving square pegs into round holes to support a theory. One thing for sure is Preacher now knows what happened. If he can just manage to nudge those orange boxes...
jbqwik 2
I tend to agree, this seems the most unlikely scenario of all. And yet...
In the world of electronics, I've seen the craziest of crazy things. So that after mouthing a few "that could never happen" statements I no longer say "that could never happen".
ffrcobra1 2
What are the chances........all the systems to keep the aircraft flying continued to work, while all the systems which allow the people on board to control the plane and communicate with the ground were rendered inop. Simply astounding.
sparkie624 2
One fact that I can attest too.. After an IRS is powered down, It will not realign, and if not IRS (or AHRS) the A/P will not reconnect so that makes all of that a bunch of BS.
Highflyer1950 1
Autopilot works just fine, just does not have any inouts to follow. A/P in HDG mode, which would be the quickest way to get the aircraft pointed in anothet direction, but without guidance. We used to fly True HDG with the compass contollers turned in the North. No IRS, FMS, AHRS, just the local hour angle and the variation. But I Digress, if the issue is that bad one might select hdg mode, spin the knob and get the craft headed in the right direction.
Lawrence Green 1
And ... The Band played Waltzing Matilda.
Bill Babis 1
Aven't erd that in a long time, mate.
Highflyer1950 1
Fox No News........it figures dosn't it.
josh homer 3
Fox.....the National Enquirer, except too many people buy their BS.
matt jensen 1
faux news


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