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Air Force to Delay A-10 Retirement, Thanks to ISIS

The tone of much of this piece is that it was all the Air Force's idea to keep the A-10 when everyone who does a little reading understands the real reason was they must have been tired of playing Whack-a-Mole with Congress who not only slapped them down, but held up other projects. Opposition to retirement is truly bipartisan so the Air Force really has no choice politically. ( Mehr...

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Cal Keegan 10
Yeah I don't get why the Air Force hates the A-10 so much considering how good it is. Maybe something to do with they don't really give a flip about CAS. USAF tried to kill the A-10 in the late 80s in favor of the A-16, a ground attack version of the non-hardened, single-engine F-16, an effort that failed.

And now of course they want to replace it with the jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none multiservice F35, a white elephant boondoggle whose history is of reminiscent of the F-111 (a 48,000 pound fighter plane).
matt jensen 9
No, thanks to the "facts". The Warthog is the best warjet built in the last 25 yrs.
Torsten Hoff 9
The last one was built more than 30 years ago. ;)
wx1996 9
Time to go that long considered upgrade with the new more powerful engines that get much better fuel burn
The USAF has tried to ditch the Wart Hog since shortly after accepting the design. It's ugly, slow, and totally lacking in general sexiness, like the P-47 of World War II and the A1 of the Vietnam War. But, like these other ugly ducklings, the A10 does things that the pretty aircraft cannot. I know that logistically speaking having one design to do all jobs makes economic sense, but such logic has been proved incorrect time and time again. Long live the A10!


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