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January 21, 1976: Concorde Enters Into Commercial Service

Forty years ago, the experience of air travel reached new levels of luxury and speed. The Concorde entered into commercial service, a career that lasted 27 years. ( More...

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oowmmr 7
Concorde, a splendid bird.
Yes its a shame they never had the funds to update the antiquated avionics and recommended safety implementations.
Ed Merriam 1
Yes 56 tyre blows and safety recommendations including tank inserts not implemented. Two major events a tank puncture and I think in NY oil lines and parts torn out. The third officer remained with avionics not upgraded. Guess the loss situation negated any upgrades. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or rose coloured glasses) as all I see is an ungainly looking pencil aircraft and looks worse when undercarriage down. I guess the 100 passengers V's oil burn especially at the time didn't help.
well sir. (martin).having watched and dispatched many a dc 10,727,md 80,777 and a few 767s,the whole purpose is to have the aircraft fly,no mater what it looks like..and I can tell you, other than the pride of seeing your own airlines aircraft and logo,the concorde did have a totally different visual appeal to the average person,especailly if you were watching it take off and had not seen that aircraft before..i dont think most people were conversing about the avionics,the fuel burn, or how "ungainly" it want to see "ungainly", look at some of the new super colossal airplanes that look a bit more like a beached whale, rather than a bird in flight! opinion only...
Fair enough that was just my opinion on the Concorde. Yep there are worse and I have the same fortunate enough to see an be in many warbird aircraft some are worse! I like anything to do with aviation. If I had the chance I would fly in one, I have even been in the beached whale (A380) LOL. Probably just spent too many years analysing aircraft accidents.
Although a engineering achievement at the time pride won over monetary forecasts and it only made a profit in latter years for a short period then returning to a loss. Russia has the Tu-144 earlier (Was it a stolen copy?) Other nations had prototypes but the market projections (and development costs) were prohibitive.
I remember being at work at the airport on one occasion when the concorde was flying was a one time visit and we all of course had to see the aircraft..a small thing but it was beautiful to watch..i believe that was in the early 80's...
oowmmr 0
How small did it appear, like a DC9?
as i only saw it taking off,i can only give you my was beautiful to watch...looked like a graceful wide winged far as size, all I can recall is that it appeared smaller than a dc 10 in length and width,but larger than some other aircraft flying at that time..does that answer your question??
oowmmr 1
Lucky you, I'd loved to of seen one fly.


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