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Lufthansa A340 and United B777 clip wings at Newark Airport

Two planes clipped wing tips at Newark Liberty International Airport on Tuesday, an FAA spokesperson said. There were no reports of injuries. ( Mehr...

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Do we have clearance Clarence? Roger....Roger? Roger are you there?
mark hopkins 1
got a vector to Hector from the sector director
ken young 1
You got a vector Victor?....
Bernie20910 3
I tell ya, these Airbus vs Boeing battles for supremacy are getting pretty bad if we now have planes arm wrestling.
ken young 2
Two minute penalty for interference.
Or career ender for ground controller...Or pilot not following instructions.....Somebody is going to pay...
There goes that shiny new paint job.
Jeff Phipps 2
Ouch - that will be an expensive fender bender. Does anyone know how similar aircraft insurance is to car fleet insurance? Is this something that would be processed as an insurance claim or paid directly by an airline etc?
Tom Andreotta 2
This is why EWR is to be avoided, just like all the single active runway antiquated airports in the US air space system. They do not have adequate separation, taxi, or ramp space, not to mention enough available gates for the numbers and sizes of aircraft crammed into them.
ken young 1
Is it your contention that KEWR does not operate its parallel runways simultaneously?
ken young 1
It is my understanding that as long as the minimum separation between parallel runways is 1000 feet, simultaneous operation is permitted.
Scott Campbell 1
someday soon - Aircraft and any airport vehicles will automatically avoid each other and human error
It's called a grid, wi-fi, triangulation,GPS & software.
Tom Andreotta 1
The NYC shared airspace (EWR, JFK, LGA) is a disaster waiting to happen. UA should move its East Coast intercontinental / fortress hub to IAD (with three active runways) and less shared airspace. As it exists now, with three antiquated airports, NYC should be at the tip of a spoke, NOT a premier hub. It is old, inefficient, badly run, and maintained, and generally not safe.
ken young 1
Yes, there are incursions and near ground/air collisions every day.....Sure
Tom Andreotta 0
EWR and other similarly configured places, that are holdovers from the earliest days of commercial aviation, need to be sunsetted as part of a major investment in national infrastructure to result in a safer, more efficient airspace system.

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s2v8377 2
They should fire you from your job without any investigation just because some without any known knowledge decides you are wrong.
I am not arguing with you - but that happens ALL the time with accusations of sexual-racial-religious and other accusations of "harassment", true or not.
matt jensen 1
Don't worry plenty of investigation to follow b/c they did it again the next night
matt jensen 1
I hope they fire the UAL pilots
linbb 2
And why would that be do you know more than what was said in the article? Just because it was the moving plane does not mean it was not in the right the other could have been in the wrong place such as off the center line.
matt jensen 2
They repeated the event again the next day.
linbb 1
Just two different brands of AC that don't like each other................


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