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Jetstar pilot applauded after white-knuckle landing at Wellington Airport

A Jetstar passenger said she “felt like the plane was going to drop out of the sky” as a pilot made a second hairy attempt to land at Wellington Airport. Flights in and out of the capital have been heavily impacted by a weather bomb which has hit over the past 12 hours, bringing heavy rain and gusts in excess of 100 kilometres per hour.... ( Mehr...

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ian mcdonell 2
this is news?
joel wiley 1
No, just the OP's weekly post from and company.
mister wallace 1
No. It's Wellington for man-in-the-sky's sake. When isn't windy there?
joel wiley 1
Martin Haisman 1
Obviously need to work longer in tourism. Just another boring Wellington landing in usual crappy Wellington conditions. Crikey! right at the end of the North Island sea at both ends winds straight through. Try it in a 172 and see what happens to the undies.


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