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Wind at Dublin Airport causes a Ryanair Boeing 737 to spin at parking

Wind made spun a Boeing 737 today a Dublin Airport. The wind of 20 kt gusting to 30 kt was not that strong but enough to move a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 today at Dublin Airport. The right wing of the aircraft has hit a lamppost but didn’t clip other aircraft around. ( Mehr...

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Forensics1 3
"Wind made spun"?

Try this...

"At Dublin Airport today strong winds were responsible for causing a Boeing 737 to spin around while on the ground."
Mike Mohle 3
What no video?
Cade Emtage 2
No it was just 20kmh winds
Kobe Hunte 2
wow!! that would have to be a lot of wind!! was there a storm?
744pnf 1
I had an empty 727-2M7 jump the nose wheel chocks at the gate in KMSP,rotated about 10ft from the jetbridge until maintenance hooked up a tow bar and push-back tractor.
Of course, had the ground people lowered the aft air-stairs as required this would not have occurred.
Kobe Hunte 1
Kobe Hunte 1
yes, i know..i would like to see that!
Cade Emtage 1
Sorry no video and thanks for the correction Forensics1.


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