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Boeing halts 737 Max flights to investigate engine flaw

Boeing has suspended 737 Max flights after being notified by engine supplier CFM International about a "quality concern" in low pressure turbine discs inside Leap-1B engines. It is not clear how the suspension will affect the precise timing of the first 737 Max 8 delivery ( Mehr...

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Torsten Hoff 4
That isn't just old information, but also no longer accurate. Flight testing resumed three days ago.
dbkoob 3
plus it was aready posted
And that is why we test. Congratulations to Boeing and CFM for being open in announcing this.
MH370 0
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Boeing halts test flight of new plane

Boeing has temporarily halted test flights of its new 737 MAX aircraft due to possible issues with the engine.
The stoppage came days before the US planemaker was due to make its first delivery of the aircraft to a customer.


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