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Passengers’ backlash after British Airways forces families to pay £20 fee to guarantee they sit together on a flight

British Airways is facing a backlash from passengers after forcing them to pay extra to guarantee sitting with their family on flights. Furious travellers complain that they are being split up from loved ones as they head off on holiday. Worst affected are passengers who have bought the cheapest deals... ( Mehr...

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patrick baker 1
the families have some obligation to book well in advance to secure a bloc of sets. British Airways does have the capacity to move similiarly priced passengers prior to boardind- it is called computers and they can accomplish easy tasks if programmed to do so. Theai
Highflyer1950 1
Actually, the gate agent can with enough time, manage to oblige those who find themselves separated. It takes a real human to acomplish this as a programmed computer has no idea what family, pax special needs , etc, because computers cannot think or reason.


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