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Analysis: The Weak A380 Aftermarket

The Airbus A380 program may soon be facing a critical challenge, in the form of declining aftermarket valuations for the 600+ seat superjumbo aircraft. Four Airbus A380s, owned by German asset management company — Dr. Peters Group, are scheduled to be returned between October 2017 and June 2018 by Singapore Airlines at the expiration of 10-year lease deals. ( Mehr...

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SoNic67 5
B747-8I are at the limit of efficiency, A380 are too big for most of the airlines/routes. B747 has also the advantage of a higher cruise speed and some clients (like me) prefer to pay slightly more for a flight over Atlantic that is 25-30 min shorter (return leg especially).
744pnf 1
A380 cruise Mach .85
B747-8 Mach .86
Rob Palmer 2
Yes, neat plane, though. I keep thinking it can be "filled" with bargain fares, flown at lower speed to save fuel, and thus make a great tourist flight on heavy routes, such as over the Atlantic in summer. Please don't junk them all yet! Remember Peoples Express?
Ken McIntyre 3
White elephant?
joel wiley 3
My first impression was that it looked like a very large white dog tick partially engorged.
joel wiley 1
If nobody buys one, is there even a market?
PaulN2719 1
My thoughts exactly. If the initial market was small, isn't the secondary market going to be even smaller? Many of these frames are probably going to go to scrap way too soon.


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