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This Doc’s No Dwarf: Flying Inside The Biggest Bomber Of World War II

OSHKOSH, Wisconsin—The world’s second flying B-29 Superfortress completed a 17-year journey with its arrival at EAA AirVenture here on July 22. I was privileged to join the adventure of flying the newly-restored bomber known as “Doc,” first to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for a special event, and then to Oshkosh where it will join Fifi, the world’s other flying B-29, in the first formation of these aircraft in the past 50 years. The B-29 Superfortress, the first pressurized and long-range bomber, is more… ( Mehr...

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Mike Davis 6
There is no better sound than that of a military radial on those old war birds.
sparkie624 4
It is always a great experience to see these beauty birds.... It is even nicer to see them up close and hear the sound of Freedom.


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