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Spy plane pilot in South Korea prepares for flight

It's a dangerous job with lots of physical challenges. Pilots flying U2 spy planes out of South Korea have.... ( Mehr...

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Neil Peterson 1
Considering the U2 first flew in 1955 and has been operational worldwide for over fifty years, this is hardly riveting news. Just some ordinary guys doing a difficult but well documented job. Probably one that's best kept away from public scrutiny.
Jon Herd 1
Do you mean the TR1?
Neil Peterson 1
All aircraft had 'U2' designations through the 60's and 70's. The TR-1(A) was introduced in the early 80's specifically for tactical reconnaissance in Europe. Since then I believe all air-frames were progressively re designated U2-R as they have received mod packages (side looking radar etc) in the early 90's, and subsequently U2-S/ST after being re-engined with GE F118's in the mid to late 90's.
deafsea 1
Have you ever ever see U2 in the sky - 60,000 feet? Hard to spot it?


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