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Incident: Cargo Global B747 at Hong Kong on Sep 22nd 2017, runway incursion forces rejected takeoff

An ACG Air Cargo Global Boeing 747-400 freighter, registration OM-ACB performing freight flight CW-831 from Prague (Czech Republic) to Hong Kong (China), had landed on Hong Kong's runway 07L and was taxiing towards the cargo apron. The crew reported on ground frequency they were holding short of runway 07R and received clearance to "taxi K, L2 to C12". ( Mehr...

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bentwing60 3
"An aerospace consultant has estimated that the A380F would have 7% better payload and better range than the Boeing 747-8F, but also higher trip costs. However, production was suspended until the A380 production lines have settled with no firm availability date. In 2015, Airbus removed A380F from the range of freighters on its corporate website". Also Wiki. I could go on. I will readily admit that AB makes a fine "ride" and observe that your continued myopia toward all things "Boeing" might be why you don't have a pilots certificate. Couldn't pass the vision test for a medical.


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