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Flight attendant who survived Las Vegas concert massacre now sees her home destroyed by killer Californian wildfires

A flight attendant who survived the Las Vegas mass shooting only to have her California home destroyed by wildfire has spoken out about her odds-defying ordeal. Michella Flores, a 51-year-old former firefighter and paramedic, kept working multiple jobs without taking a day off through a shooting that killed 58 and wildfires that have killed 38 so far. ( Mehr...

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canuck44 3
It doesn't state which airline employs her, but if she is flying out of Oakland to LAS it is likely Southwest or Spirit. Whichever one they need to appreciate the value of a lady with a work ethic and dedication that is getting harder to find. NO whining, no PTSD, no self-pity, just gets on with the job. My admiration for a feisty lady.


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