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Boeing facing CSeries

An earthquake in the transatlantic jetliner duopoly caught Boeing off guard. ( Mehr...

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jbqwik 6
Boeing management ... <sigh>... They should have kept their big boy pants on.
Hate to say it but they got their comeuppance.
linbb -5
Oh so its ok to dump AC by using government money to make them less expensive to buy.
matt jensen 2
But it's ok for Boeing to take money from city, state and fed govt with no intention of repayment? Right.

No evidence of Bombardier of dumping anything -
jbqwik 3
You know this is a long running and complicated feud, and you can pick a side and claim righteousness. Tit-for-tat didn't work in this case.
Thomas Hartman 0
And now...
Canadians are being bombarded (no pun intended) with advertisements on the Radio AND TV from Boeing suggesting they are a good company with Canadian interests in mind! I have seen and heard them.
Randall Kimm 2
Just Google and you will find the biggest piles of bovine scatology...borrowing the words of a great American General. Boeing doesn't give a rats ass about Canada or anyone else for that matter.
matt jensen 1
Just another swamp dweller


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