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Airbus Working On New Sharklets For A350

Airbus is working on further extending the range of the A350-900 and -1000. The company is quietly testing an extended Sharklet, which will extend the aircraft’s wingspan. ( Mehr...

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Byron Davis 2
Dan, For what it's worth, listen carefully to the last few words of Tamarack's Representative in this interview with AvWeb's Paul Bertorelli. It could be that Airbus and Tamarack are working together.
Bernhard Reimer 1
Working Quietly. Ha not anymore.
Dan Chiasson -3
Why would advanced technology such as the sharklets as mentioned not have been configured from the launch of the aircraft? Granted what is seen today was engineered ~4-6 years ago but regardless, the same could be said for sharklet technology. To me, cheapens the aircraft's original design. Just saying.


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