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Former United Airlines Pilot (and Houston Brothel Owner) Receives Probation and $2,000 Fine

Imagine having a great career as a pilot with United Airlines and being able to find the time between layovers to moonlight as a brothel owner in Houston. And not just one brothel, but a string of brothels. Well, that was the life of former United Airlines pilot Bruce Wayne Wallis until his 2015 arrest. But lucky for Wallis, he’s a white man whose plea deal got him a slap on the wrist after he admitted to engaging in organized criminal activity. ( Mehr...

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linbb -1
So a black news rag makes a racist remark and you put it on here? Where is the proof because he was WHITE he got a deal that blacks never got?

Never thought that a racist item would end up on here but this is close to the end of this web site for me.
Well I'm glad to hear this is close to the end of this website for you because we don't need whining cry babies like you calling out a user who wanted to share something they thought was share-worthy and was somewhat related to aviation. Grow up and get a life will you!
joel wiley 2
If a person owns, manages or invests in a business that promotes prostitution and which includes two or more prostitutes, the defendant may be found guilty of aggravated promotion of prostitution. This may lead to penalties including:

Conviction on a third degree felony charge
Incarceration in state prison for two to 10 years
A fine of up to $10,000

I couldn't find any recent Houston statistics on the subject, much less broken down by race.

This is how the Houston Chronicle reported it. Would you characterize it as a 'news rag' or racist?

IMHO, a very light sentence.


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