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Traveler who 'opts out' of body scan document his experience

Blogger documents his experience opting out of body scanning, telling the TSA that they aren't allowed to 'touch his junk,' and being threatened with a $10,000 fine. YouTube video included. American Airlines gets high marks in this writeup. ( Mehr...

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nbukrey 0
Would be interesting to know if they have a right to file a suit against this man. I dont know any of the law but it seems quite ridiculous.
Jorge Noriega 0
Its all bs now. I fly at least twice a week and felt safe flying without the new scanners at airports. The TSA just come up with new ways of scanning to make people believe that there trying to make the sky's safer. If they wanted to make it safer they would scan every single person going through the airport. I hope something like this happens to me i would sue there ass so fast.
MrTommy 0
Profiling. PROFILING!!!! Get rid of political correctness and stop worrying about offending Arabs (middle easterners). 90 year old white grandmothers DO NOT need to be screened...
Thomas Clemmons 0
If you expect to board a commercial flight, then quit whining, get a grip and cooperate with the screening. The scanner is likely not harmful at all for most travelers, and the pat-down won't actually hurt anybody. If you're not willing to undergo the security check designated for you, then I certainly don't want you on the plane with me or my loved ones. Air travel is difficult and unpleasant at best now, and we don't need more cry babies gumming up the works even more. Of course the security system is not flawless---we all know that, but it's the best we have for now, so either live with it or choose another way to travel.
David Babbitt 0
Those with poor memories or no interest in history will submit to anything. How about Germany during the 40s or post war East Germany. All in the name of security and the betterment of society. Let's create a special government agency that answers to no one.
Oh ya, we already have.
Brian Pound 0
Just glad that I have my own plane and live in Canada
'Just a little nicer up here
David Babbitt 0
In the last month I did 5 internal flights in China and one departing. I've never had a better experience on commercial airlines.

MrTommy 0
Very good, MRDUCKS. It all starts so innocently, and all for the common good. After all, don't we all want to just fly safely? What harm is there in a simple body scan or 'feel up'? Americans are becoming sheeple.


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