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Ron Paul takes on the TSA

Ron Paul's legislation, H.R. 6416, is just two sentences long, stating: No law of the United States shall be construed to confer any ...immunity for a federal employee or agency or any individual or entity that receives federal funds, who subjects an individual to any physical contact (including contact with any clothing the individual is wearing), X-rays, or millimeter waves, or aids in the creation of or views a representation of any part of a individual's body covered by… ( Mehr...

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erniekovacs 0
Wonder why? Wonder why people are willing to get naked and their probed in a Dr.'s office who knows them, know their address, know their phone number, etc. which would allow them to be a potential prey to a Dr? TSA agents do not know any of the travelers, or where they are from, or any personal data. So when comparing the 2 situations.......what is the big deal. At the same time I also wonder why cargo is not inspected or checked? TSA says because they are being shipped by confirmed shippers. Oh yeah??????? The shipper maybe confirmed shipper but who was the packer of the package? Is a faceless person somewhere in the USA of any business is less terrorist then a documented traveler? This entire process and TSA needs to be tossed out and re-think. It is just plain laughable anymore. The longer we are at it the worst it gets. My suggestion: have the local police of a person do a background check on the person, submit it to the state department and have everyone be issued a passport afterwards. Now the person is a certified (as best the police can determine) safe traveler. Each person should be compelled to travel only with the passport. NO PASSPORT = NO TRAVEL by any method of transportation. End of searches.
Fletcher Reister 0
Thank You; I feel that's how it should be done as well. If one does not have a criminal background then having something like a passport or FBI clearance like Pilots/FA's have would be fine with me. My partner was a FA for an airline (forum nickname) and he was never given any kind of 2nd look simply because he had the photo badge that showed he was an employee of the airline. I personally would be more than willing to have an FBI background check and a separate "domestic passport". I have nothing to hide and never will. All I want to do is get on a plane and fly to where I'm going without all the hassle. I remember the golden days of going to the airport to watch planes and I could go right through security simply by walking through a metal detector and putting all my metal objects in the doggy dish. Pardon me while I reminisc <sp> ;-)
Kevin Kuhn 0
this is supposed to reassure me? ron paul thinks the 14th amendment should be repealed, why do i care what he thinks about anything, even if it's sane.
Mason Groot 0
Everyone complains about security measures being taken place, but then when a terrorist gets through and either blows up a plane or has a failed attempt just like last year around this time. and then the TSA was getting attacked because they didn't catch him when he was on the ground, How could something like this happen, TSA was told to take further measures to not let something like that happen again, So they did and now all they get is grief for it, I'm not saying what there doing is right or wrong. I'm just saying I'm sick and tired of hearing people complain about there personal space. It's the times we live in if you want to travel your going to have to go through security, if you don't like then drive. Because you know as soon as another terrorist plot takes place than TSA will get more grief for not catching them before they got on the plane, grow up people and get used to the times we are living in.
Gene Delaney 0
Yes, when we choose to fly by air we should expect to be screened, but not to be degraded as this new policy does. And yes, if someone does get through the TSA should be blamed, they are after all supposedly trained to stop them. The TSA does not make me feel flying is any safer now than before 9/11. I'm not sure what the solution is and I can't even begin to offer one but I really feel this is not it.
Robbie Sherman 0
We already have the technology that makes air travel safe and non-intrusive. We have the puffer machines. Why are they not being used? I've gone through them in Miami. They actually detect bomd material and explosives unlike the TSA's pornoscanner. Use the puffer machines and there is no reason to humiliate travels. That's unless you think a breast cancer survivor should have to remove her artificial breast and show it to TSA as happened at Charlotte International.
The Rep's comments are SUPER .. FINALLY .. some one in WASHINGINGTON on film, looking out for the little guy !!
N5827P 0
When will the idiots wake up and remember this is (was) America and we weren't willing to give up our liberties because we are afraid. Let the scaredycats let the TSA grope their wives. The difference is any physician asking you to disrobe is necessary for them to do the job. If you refuse they will still do their best to help you. They don't deny you what you came to do. Asking everyone to have proof (ie as passport, how is this proof you aren't a whackadoo?, but I digresss) that they are innocent is completely unAmerican also. Next you must prove you won't speed before being allowed on the road. Try that out. Let's all become Nazi's or Communists because we are told to be afraid. Great
jsanders 0
Come on government, get over this profiling thing. It is very effective at pinpointing the bad guys. The Israelis use it all the time.
Watch Dog 0
The people who complain about those of us who complain about maintain our liberties gripe my nerves. I continue to tell people that the murder rate in this country is an average of 15,000+ per year. So should we just let the police into our homes any time they feel like it just for the sake of possibly preventing a murder?

The facts are you have a great chance of being killed in a car wreck, or being murdered on the street, than you do being involved in a terrorist act on an aircraft.

Let the fear go people. Stand up for your constitutional rights and liberties.


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