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Ralph Nader’s niece died in one of the Boeing crashes. Now he’s calling for the 737 Max 8 to be grounded

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader has been a long time critic of the F.A.A. but, unfortunately, now it’s personal. Nader’s great niece was killed along with over 300 others in one of the two Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes in the past year. He joins “Squawk Box” by phone to discuss the investigation into the plane’s approval by the F.A.A. ( Mehr...

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Roy Troughton 8
Article was written on March 22nd, however the aircraft had already been grounded a week! Pointless worthless article.
sparkie624 2
Just one more of a Famous Person showing their ignorance!
James Driskell 2
Ralph Nader's brain was grounded years ago!
Cansojr 3
It is a little odd that Nader hasn't said much jumps into the fray when one of his niece's was a victim of the crashes. Although he had been critical of the FAA till this point in time. I hope he doesn't muddle the investigation with only his point of view.
Bernie20910 3
I'm thinking it went down something like this: Reporter, under pressure to develop some new angle on the story, looks through the passenger manifests and compares the names to a database list of celebrities and their kin. The reporter discovers one victim is the niece of none other than Ralph Nader himself and figures they have a fantastic new angle on the story to hang their byline on. After repeated calls and rebuffs, the reporter finally reaches The Man Himself and launches into a barrage of questions mostly tailored to making themselves look good and less tailored to gather any useful or pertinent information, is stopped by Mr. Nader who says, "You're intruding on my family during a time of sadness and grief, looking for some kind of quote? What do you expect my reaction to be? Of course, I agree with grounding them. Goodbye."


Reporter to editor: "Hey, I just got off the phone with Ralph Nader and he's calling for the 737 Max 8 to be grounded."

Editor: "Fantastic! Write it up and we'll run it. Good work!"

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Cansojr 8
You are exceptionally arrogant. You don't know me and I hope I never will have to deal with your juvenile comments again. Mind your manners.
ADXbear -5
SInce when is CNBC a legit news organization.. please..
matt jensen -9
Three steps above FB and Fox
Christian Parada -9
I hear ya. But I just post what I see.
RECOR10 -3
Not ever....never has CNBC allowed reality to muddle their delusions
sparkie624 -1
I think he is a Day late and a Dollar short... they have been grounded for some time...
Martin Cooper -2
The same way he had the Chevrolet CORVAIR grounded, causing TOYOTA to take the small car market that more unsafe than the Corvair.

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btweston -4
It’s quicker if you just hit alt+F4.
Christian Parada -3
Kinda sorta.

Richard Orgill -2


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