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FAA Sets Policy for Operating Without ADS-B

The FAA issued a policy statement establishing the requirement for operators to obtain ATC authorizations to fly aircraft that are not equipped for ADS–B Out through ADS–B-mandated airspace beginning in January 2020. However, the policy makes it clear that obtaining authorizations is not guaranteed and could be difficult. ( Mehr...

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Kobe Hunte 3
sparkie624 3
Thanks for sharing
Robert Artac 2
Oh shocker here. It took the FAA 30 years to finally shut LORAN down. NDBs continue to languish even today. This latest deadline move was no surprise.
William Robertson 2
Why could we not handle this the same way that we fly non-transponder equipped aircraft into airspace that requires it?
David Beattie 3
Or we could just get the proper equipment installed in our airplanes. The FAS announced this requirement five years ago. If you can afford to put the most basic ADS-B system in your airplane, you can’t afford to own a plane. Fact is the same guys who bitch and moan about the cost of ADS-B will spend that much on new balloon tires or sexy new propellers for their airplane. “See and avoid” is a total joke. Time to get with the technology! Sort of like safety harnesses.
William Robertson 2
My Aeronca Chief lacks an electrical system, trxpdr, or adsb.
David Beattie 3
Neither did my cub 40 years ago. I guess you’ll just have to stay away from class B and below 18,000 ft.
David Beattie 1
Oops. Fat finger. FAA and can’t afford in third sentence.
mattdavis 2
wingbolt 2
I did notice they specifically mentioned how difficult it is going to be for “unscheduled” operators to gain access to high density airports. They have been busting our balls for the last couple of years about how we are going to be grounded Jan 1 2020 if not equipped and now they are offering a hall pass. And it sounds like the airlines will find it easier to get one. The FAA whimped out on this one.
David Rice 1
glad these exceptions will be hard to get. i fly in the busy Chicago area and less busy Denver area. so important to have ads-b out on every SAFE aircraft. as for you “govt oversight haters”, well, haters gonna hate. keep the dirty side down!


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