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Transport Canada Bans Medicinal Cannabis For Flight Crew

Canadian transportation administrators issued the final and most recent ruling regarding cannabis use for airside-sensitive employees after months of debate, data collection, and speculation by media since Bill C-45 became legal nationwide in October 2018. (airwaysmag.com) Mehr...

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matt jensen 1
reported a few days ago
Cansojr 1
The problem with this law is enforcement. How do you prove a a pilot is high on THC? At this time we have urinalysis and blood samples. Try and get the unions on board because I "hear screaming in my ear " Invasion of privacy. That can be handled in the next ALPA meeting. Mandatory testing will be a fact of life. The military and most airlines in Canada conduct random tests now anyway. The answer is simple, don't smoke dope.
Pete Ostrowski -4
Ok grandpa.
Of course flying while stoned is a no brainer as is rampant alcoholism among pilots. By rampant i mean more than there should be.
Are you saying Canadian pilots should not drink period as well?
Piolots should be stone cold sober, but it’s much harder to light up a spliff before a flight than down a few highballs.
Cansojr 1
I am a Granpa, I am 63 years of age with about 10,000 hours. I consider my self responsible to my passengers and owners. Sir, I wouldn't let you polish my aircraft. You are irresponsible and you are not a person that I would consider to be a professional aviatior under any circumstances. I enjoy my free time with my family and recreational sports. I don't need dope to relax. I don't drink because I dislike it. It's a personal choice. Smoking dope is a personal choice, but not on my aircraft.
Pete Ostrowski 1
I apologize for not being clear in my initial reply.
Was in know way talking about you or your lifestyle or smoking anything on an aircraft.
I know nothing about you.
I was referring to all pilots flying sober. Private and commercial.
But what you or I do in our own house is our own business as long as no one is put in danger.
To think that ‘don’t smoke dope’ is a valid answer to this issue is an opinion.
I bet with proper training I could do a great job in polishing you aircraft.
Because I have pride in anything I do.
Cansojr 1
I'm sorry if I was took harsh on you and I apologize for the flamethrower approach. I hope all goes well with you. Cansjr
sparkie624 1
Doh.... You mean that haven't already!


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