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The threat of a civil aircraft shootdown in Iran is real

The threat of a civilian aircraft being accidentally shot down in Southern Coastal Iran is real and flight departments should be reviewing the risk profile of overflight of this area as a matter of urgency. ( More...

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Roy Corrales 2
True risk there... just hope the War machine of USA and allies somehow stop doing stupid things around. Aahhh yeah I have a flight booked to cross over there in October and my intention is to enjoy the vacations. So, please Go Home!
linbb -5
Oh wow why don't you move there then and see how things really work. Just let there type rule the world and see how things work out. That country is poison and has been for years after all if you don't fall in line you will die simple deal.
Roy Corrales 6
You mean move to USA? No thank you, no need to do something like that to live peacefully :)
Cansojr -5
This is a real and credible threat to civilization in this area of the civil war in the Ukraine. These thugs will shoot at anything. Most of these goons come from the Russian Spetznnaz who are comprised of deadly efficient killing machine. The Russians will never turn these thugs over to the international Court in th Hague.


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