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NTSB Points to Pilot Error in Icon Crash Near Chicago

The 74-year old pilot and his wife own identical Icons and both departed Indianapolis Eagle Creek Airpark (EYE) with 17 gallons of fuel in each airplane. For 1.2 hours of flight, the pilot operated the Rotax at 100 percent power in violation of the aircraft’s placard. In addition to violating the pilot’s operating handbook, the pilot failed to realize how much extra fuel the engine would consume at such high power settings, considerably more than what he’d planned for. (www.flyingmag.com) Mehr...

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ffrcobra1 4
Hmmmm. So it turns out that having ~ $400,000 to buy a jet-ski with wings doesn’t mean you are smart enough to operate it. Shocking.
Torsten Hoff 3
Given his disregard for the engine operating parameters and ignorance of the increased fuel consumption at high power, I am doubtful that he didn’t fill the tanks because he was concerned about exceeding the MTOW.
linbb -6
So you mad because they had the money to spend or just trolling the website? Your call
ffrcobra1 3
I get irritated when idiots give general aviation a black eye. I don’t really care how someone spends their money, but at least try to not make my industry look like it’s populated by morons.
Bill Babis 1
Thanks for the link to the additional info Jeff. It helps understand the scenario a little more. I would imagine they didn't overfly MDW and ORD so they probably flew the lakeshore up from Gary and then cut West. Based on the report, that would mean they knew fuel was low as they passed Gary then flew amphibs over water with the low fuel light on for more than 20 minutes. He was either an idiot or brave to turn inland and the pucker factor had to just wear him out. If he had made it, he probably wouldn't have learned anything. Still glad he's ok.
chalet 1
After reading about this accident and of another A5 crashing into the woods a few days later, I suspect that the A5 is underpowered. Review the performance and characteristics of other LSA aircraft using the same Rotax 100 HP engine (like the Pipestrel and many others) and you will see that the latter are more agile, have much better performance speedwise and rangewise and of course cost a lot less.
Jeff Lawson 1
More info about this incident:

Bill Babis 1
Clearly more money than brains.


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