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Small jet bursts into flames while taking off in Northern California airport; all 10 on board escape injury

All 10 people aboard a small jet escaped injury Wednesday when the aircraft aborted its takeoff at a small Northern California airport, went off the runway and burst into flames, officials said. ( Mehr...

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Leander Williams 6
"It slid off the end of the runway, sparking a fire in dry grass. Photos and video from witnesses show the jet’s door open and its landing gear retracted." Did the landing gear fail? How could the landing gear be retracted if the plane never made it airborne?
Colin Fisher 9
Yet another thumbs up for Juan Browne's youtube channel. He's put out great videos on analyzing the 737 MAX situation, the 767 Atlas Air crash, and many others.

John Miller 2
More aviation aware reporting by local ATP Juan Browne at
joel wiley 3
Now, was that so hard to file a calm, reasonable, informed news report?
Too bad it is such a rarity.
jbqwik 2
The Juan Browne link provides lots of good info about the some aspects of the airport. He suggests that they were likely at, or above, V1. As many of you know better than I, some small biz jets accelerate so hard that V1 and V2 arrive almost together, complicating any rejected t/o. And, then, the runway itself comes into the equation: I'm visualizing the 2014 KBED "gust lock" incident. It's no small miracle that everyone onboard was able to safely egress. Scary close call.
For me, one takeaway is that I think it's a positive indicator we don't have even more of these incidents, what with the ever-increasing amount of air flights, a/c types, airport congestion and schedule expectation/pressure. Glad I'm retired!
Jim DeTour 0
Saw this one. For a flash you can see a red fire truck just watching not even putting the slowly approaching grass fire out. At the end a lime yellow foam truck when too late to save plane sprays things down. It's like they wanted the fire to catch up to the plane.
joel wiley 2
You do realize that is a patchwork of videos. Not sure how it supports your implication they wanted the plane to burn. They appeared to use fire extinguishers on the grass fire.
FAA info on KOVE does not list any onsite fire/rescue equeipement
The foam truck may have been dispatched from Beale AFB or Chico.


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