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Off-duty easyJet captain heading to Alicante with his wife and son ends up flying the plane himself

This is the remarkable moment an off-duty pilot offers to fly his fellow passengers to Spain - as he and his family faced a delay of around two hours. ( Mehr...

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Russ Renton 20
I heard that he stayed at a Holiday Express the night before.....
SmokedChops 3
wel played sir, well played.
Atanu Dey 8
He just got upgraded -- ahead of the first class. :)
ThinkingGuy 14
I hope he at least got paid :)
Relics 7
What a good man! Really wanted to go on that holiday haha.
wonder if his family clapped when he landed the plane
Martin Dennett 3
Nah, it's not a UK thing.
What a sensation! Pilot flies airplane.....
Kathy Watts 1
Gave me my morning chuckle :)
Highflyer1950 4
I think that is pretty cool in this day and age! Kudos.
Kobe Hunte 6
I agree. Usually they would just explain that they are on vacation and they aren't using up their time to fly a plane.. Hats off to him.
Kobe Hunte 4
Wow that is cool!
SmokedChops 7
I love how there were a few news outlets who opened with "Passenger steps in to fly passenger jet to Spain"....oh dear gawd. "You in seat 11C, c'mon on up to the front, you get to fly this can of people today!" "But I am a proctologist" "never mind, Otto the autopilot will walk you through it, GOOD LUCK!!!"
reminds me of a story one of my bosses told me. He was flying to Myrtle Beach on the "new" Hooters airline. once boarding was just about done, this "clown" came on. he was juggling in the aisle, doing magic tricks and what not. everyone thought it was just another "gimmick" by the airline. Thought they got a free show. until the guy was like,'well i guess you want to go, so i gotta get up front to fly the thing" and into the cockpit he went.
cyberjet 2
Could have been worse. He could have done the old "white cane pilot" gag.
Kobe Hunte 3
I wonder what happened to the pilot that was supposed to fly the plane. :D
william baker 0
A strike happen.
Martin Dennett 4
No a strike didn't happen. Listen to what he says in the video.
william baker 2
Sorry was thinking about Ryanair struck. Got confused
william baker 2
Strike dang it lol
Kobe Hunte 1
Oh that makes sense.
NX211 2
As long as he was qualified and current on the equipment.. I say kudos to the pilot! Hope the airline gave him an extra vacation day..
Scott Campbell 0
NO he wasn't qualified, they gave him an exemption that no other pilot will ever get because he volunteered. He Flew so therefore he was ....
alex hidveghy 1
Never! He was a new flight attendant.....
Scott Campbell 2
Great story for his young son one day :)
Anton1 3
And who is supposed to fly the plane back from Alicante? Weird story
if you watched the embedded video, the holiday captain claimed that eJ was repositioning a "working" captain to bring the plane home.
carpetshoe 2
My question is whether the replacement pilot actually got paid for his duty or was this a way for EasyJet to save money by not having to pay the original captain?
Ginger Sanders 1
Usually pilots only get paid when the jet’s door closes.
carpetshoe 2
What? I think you didn't get the question to which you responded. But sure, give me a downvote. Sheesh. Both the jet door and the cabin door were presumably closed before departing from the parking position. The question is whether the 'on vacation' pilot suddenly got overtime or whether he donated his time as goodwill.
Ginger Sanders 1
I totally misunderstood your question...didn’t give a downvote. It’s valid and I wondered that also after your post. I thought I was replying to a different question.
Larry Bible 1
If you want it done right, do it yourself!
This one is hiding behind an Ad-Wall. :-(
wyoham 1
Sorta sounds like they may need some scheduling help. The list of cancelled flights he rattled off, stepping in - what a way to run a railroad.
themold 1
Just goes to show you, pilots LOVE to fly!
sacman250 1
And yet, they won't let pilots bring their kids to work.
zi princess 1
Crew Scheduling should be checked. Don’t they have reserves?
I once flew from Belfast to Gatwick on easyjet. Service was ok, no delays. ;-)
alex hidveghy 2
Yes, they do have standbys but this happened en route, in the air. Kind of hard to catapult a crew member 35,000 accurately and then get inside the plane, don’t you think?
wow that's generous
Geoff Davies 1
one lucky plane load of passengers,he had his license and was ok to flew himself to a holiday.i wonder if easy jet paid him overtime for getting them out of a sticky spot
Dave Nosek 1
They still would be short a pilot for the return, Wonder how easy jet handled that.
Martin Dennett 1
Read the article...
padrooga23 -2
No copilot?
william baker 6
You need two pilots to fly. Flight didnt have a captain but had a copilot
First Officer.
Fixed that for you
John Richards -2
So who flew the aircraft back?
Martin Dennett 3
Watch the video...


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