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Boeing Contemplated MCAS redesign BEFORE fatal crashes

New insight on the MCAS situation. as it turns out Boeing had contemplated a system redesign prior the fatal crashes. ( Mehr...

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joel wiley 4
"The report also found that 31 pages were missing from the plane's maintenance log."
How normal is such a finding?
william baker 1
Can someone please tell me how 31 pages are missing from the Maintenance log? I mean a page or two maybe but 31 pages. it makes me wonder if Lion air was trying to cover something up regarding there maintenance of the aircraft and if there were also more issues related to the Mcas system before the fatal flight.
airuphere -1
No kidding. I know it’s been debated here quite often.. but with these new finding, and Boeing assuming any crew could do a runaway trim procedure from memory.. would these crashes of happened with a NA or EU airline? Also with the fact the Lion air incident happened twice, with the same plane, the first time a pilot in the jump seat saved the day, and the Ethiopian crash had a under 300hr “Cadet” in the right seat ..

it is now being said that Boeing engineers knew the single pitot tube could cause an issue..however the perfect storm of flight deck experience, missing maintenance logs (faulty work?) and assumptions by Boeing is what brought these planes down.. all those issues intertwined. (The mcas issues that were documented by pilots in the USA were recovered from)
airuphere 2
“The potential redesign discussed during 737 MAX development was ultimately ruled out, based in part on the assumption pilots would react in time to any malfunction, according to a National Transportation Safety Board report to Indonesian investigators.“
vector4traffic 1
How were the electric trim cutoff switches explained in the context of an MCAS failure? Disabling the electric trim usually means that the force required to manually trim can be quite demanding so it's not the "go to" solution unless you knew an automated system was screwing with it.
cowboybob -1
Etiopian Airlines EX-engineer (EX becomes very important when listening to his final statement about threats of going to death(?) and jail...wonder where he is now) writes a report about the maintenance department cooking-the-books some 6 months(?) after the accident? Where are all the Boeing trolls now to explain that away. It's a total system failure as I've said many times before...Boeing is at fault, the airline pilot training is at fault, the airline maintenance is at fault in both these cases....the list can probably go on. This worldwide effort to bring down Boeing to cover up for the disgusting lack of training and maintenance at all these government owned/backed/propped-up air operators is despicable and only in play for all these third-rate organizations (and probably many of the respective government handlers) to save face. Study up on the guy behind Lion Air and let us know what a world-class operation he is running...


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