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Barbie releases pilot and engineer dolls to encourage young girls into STEM subjects

Mattel’s Barbie has announced three new dolls in partnership with Virgin Atlantic. Created to encourage young girls to pursue careers in aviation, the three dolls include a pilot, engineer and member of the cabin crew. The new dolls are part of Barbie’s Dream Gap Project, which was launched to combat the fact that girls as young as five can start to limit self-belief and doubt their full potential. This initiative aims to level the playing field for girls globally and highlight role models… ( Mehr...

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bentwing60 4
Hope the ab-initio, low time in type Barbies make it through the learning curve. Don't have to worry about the engineers, they got rid of them in cockpits a looong time ago. Cheers, with a sarc. font.
Peter Fuller 1
The article is from a British publication: they ain’t talking about flight engineers. What the Brits call an engineer we yanks call a mechanic. If Barbie wants to turn a wrench, more power to her!
Robert Cowling 7
I hope this goes better than the Barbie Is A Programmer campaign.

It was a disaster, and ridiculed for months. Basically Barbie was a 'team member' that got coffee, and looked pretty, and looked to others (male) to actually change, and write, programs. The roasting of the execution of what was amazing, for something that could have been a promising and rewarding attempt to show girls they can rock cyberspace with the dudes was well earned. Well known female programmers were so angry at her portrayal. You can't even begin to imagine. Mattel screwed up big time.

I sure hope this isn't another underhanded pat on the head. I've heard enough stupid live ATC comments to know that female pilots are harassed and slighted. They usually take it well, but if I were a female pilot, I'd be tempted to let 'em have it, both barrels. Fly safe...
Works Barbie...turns out the little black girls were not racist and just wanted a normal (white) Barbie.
Andrew Bunker 2
I love a girl in uniform!
Best wishes
Christian Parada 3
But what if the girls don't want to work in STEM subjects? THEN WHAT?!
bentwing60 4
Then they can graduate with $50,000.00 in college debt for a SJW degree from Haaarvard and become a barista at Starbucks, or get on the soros payroll as a community organizer. The latter worked once. And they won't be able or have to pay it back anyway! The lefties say so. HiHoHiHo, it's off to work I go and I've become successful, so off to pay the taxes I? Oh, wait, is that what they said in college counseling 101. airplane, must remain on topic.
I love it when I interview new grads who are convinced that the college recruiters were spot on about 'starting pay'.

I also make sure we check social media and even bumper stickers on their of Bernie/AOC/Pelosi or the donkey need not apply.
bentwing60 4
A little sleuthing never hurts, might keep the riff raff out of the camp.
Mike Mohle 2
Next up..... Trannie Barbie, stick on and remove certain parts. It will be YUUUUUUUUUGE!
sparkie624 3
OMG... Please do not give the manurfactures more ideas... they just might do it...
"My first period" Barbie?
Robert Cowling 2
I remember there was a doll that did just that. It was int he 70's. So many parents handled that part of a girls development really poorly.
sparkie624 1
Interesting idea.. Actually may work.
birdbrainz 1
That's it! It's all Barbie's fault! I knew there was a reason why there aren't more females in Aviation/STEM. If this is really true, then why not shun Barbie altogether?

No, this is to make money. Mattel couldn't care less about STEM. After all, they're in the toy business. eyes rolling.
James Simms 1
Wonder if they’ll release one as the “Automatic Pilot”?


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