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Emirates will pay for your medical treatment, hotel quarantine, and even your funeral if you catch COVID-19 while traveling

Emirates will offer free COVID-19 insurance to all of its passengers who travel by October 31. The insurance covers medical expenses, quarantine costs, and repatriation if you miss your flight home. It also covers the cost of repatriating your body and your funeral if you die from the virus. The move comes as Emirates tries to boost passenger confidence and demand during the coronavirus pandemic — the airline is only flying about 10% as many passengers as normal. Emirates has a new strategy for… ( Mehr...

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How difficult would it be for Emirates' lawyers to get every request dismissed on the basis of the impossibility of proving that one individual became infected as a direct result of an Emirates flight? I can see this really backfiring on them.
Robert Cowling 1
That's nice, but you are still dead.

ADXbear -1
matt jensen 1
Vaccines take upwards of six (6) years to create, test (incl blind/placebo) and approval. Current testing is just beginning the first stages.
Robert Cowling -1
And who knows how many times booster shots might be needed. And given that so many people are definitely anti-vaccine, there is no guarantee that even if there IS a one-shot vaccine, that enough people would use it to provide any meaningful coverage. Imagine if the vaccine needs a booster every 6-months. And if you don't get the booster, your 'immunity' goes away.

Given the mess that the pharmaceutical industry is in this country, what does the vaccine's existence even matter? If you can't depend on the booster being available, why get the first shot at all?

If trump is reelected, the world is doomed. Nothing will ever be sane, or functional ever again, and we will all get sicker, and the rich will get richer, and we all die sooner.

God bless America, or else...
dee9bee 0
I agree...BTW, no CAPS needed.


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