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A Day In The Life Of The Victorville Storage Facility

With a capacity to store up to 500 aircraft, it can be quite a surreal sight at Victorville Airport. The site is often dubbed an aircraft boneyard. However, there is a lot more to it than that, with plenty of activity at the Southern Californian airport. Simple Flying spoke with John Kilmer, an aircraft maintenance technician at Victorville to find out more about what happens at the scene. ( More...

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Rob Hall 10
I showed up at Mojave KMHV ~2006 and asked for a tour, the nice gentleman (security) told me there are no tours and no public allowed in...but if I happen to be around the back door in 10 minutes with $20 falling out of my pocket something good might happen. He turned out to be a retired air force pilot and we drove around the field in his van for over an hour. I could have just talked to him for days the stories he had, never mind the gems in the boneyard. The 'Gimli Glider' had just arrived for scrapping (after attempts to preserve her failed), he didn't know the story so I shared it with him. His stories were way better. Best $20 I ever spent.
Il not gay but 20 bucks is 20 bucks.
Jamar Jackson 10
I live on a fly in community near edwards AFB, Palmdale Skunkworks plant, Victorville and Mojave spaceport. The Mojave desert is a pilots paradise. Sonic booms daily, constant large transport aircraft flying over. March AFB, San Bernadino, Burbank and Ontario airports all use Palmdale VORtac as approaches fixes. Lots of activities
Wow. I know this is not likely but I wonder if they offer tours ;)
A Fuller 7
I was stationed there for 8 months after returning from VietNam in 1969. Was a crew chief on F4-E model Phantoms. I enjoyed my time there, good food, 9 hole golf course and nearby Victorville and Apple Valley. About 10 years ago I was able to enter and drive around at will. No longer, unless you know someone who can get you in.

jspokes 3
Served there for 2 years with the F106's I would go back.
captpentland 2
'Went through F4 Phantom RTU(pilot training) at George in 1971. It was a great base and flying area. I went back to visit in Nov. 2001 and could not believe that the gov't let base housing crumble instead of selling or renting it out to the locals. I'd fly over George on many flights from LAX to the east coast and would look down at the base covered with parked airliners.
It's got to be pretty awesome, for people that geek on old aviation. Wow...
Agreed Robert
I remember VCV/GAFB from the 50s and F86 days. I sold papers at the base during the afternoons and lived in Victorville. My love of flying started then and eventually a career in aviation for 40 years. Some F86 pilots lived down the street for awhile and I pestered them no end about flying. My understanding is VCV is not a complete boneyard. Some a/c are held as temp storage.
On the west side of the field, VW was storing 10,000+ vehicles with diesel engines that they had to buy back. When I was there in November, they were all gone. Right now they are probably on used car lots throughout Central and South America.
I understand "my" Qantas A380 VH-OQI, (I adopted it on our last LAX-SYD trip) is stored there. Getting scheduled for "the shots" next week. Waiting for Qantas to start flying INTL again and we'll be OFF !
HP Baumeister 2
Yes, I did see a Qantas 380 when I overflew VCV at 1000 ft or so. But can’t confirm the call sign....
Landed at APV for fuel, interestingly, no aircraft in storage there (nothing obvious anyhow).
would like to get a drown and take pictures of the planes
HP Baumeister 2
I flew over VCV a few weeks ago and it's an amazing - and sad - visual. The capital sitting around there must be in the 2-3 digit billions....
A year ago or so I was there on the ground trying to get a good look and take some pictures. Was chased away by security just for holding a camera over the wall near the terminal. So I doubt that drones will be tolerated there, besides, this IS an active airport.
I was stationed at GAFB in the 70s and attached to the 35 TFW. I have been back to the old base a few times and am always shocked at how different it looks. I guess they have left the 'bare bones' of housing and barracks due to the very high cost of demolition and worries over asbestos used in construction. Its good to see the airfield is still in use as are a number of hangers. Too bad there are so many old aircraft corroding in the desert sun there.

Oh well...progress.
ADXbear 3
Responding to mr Jackson, I miss the area for these reasons you mention, we worked at NG at plant 42.. very cool work. The skies are full of extraordinary aircraft.. U2, NASA Sophia, B2, you name it?
I really regret to driving over to Victorville.. now Im retired in Florida... boring.. but thanks for the article..
I understand that flying a drone nearer than "X" miles from an airport can result in Federal fines and SEIZURE.


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