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[Video] FAA releases radar video of F-16's close call with GA aircraft

AOPA has obtained a video of the radar return and radio calls for the March 21 incident in which an F-16 pilot flew in close formation with the unsuspecting pilots of a Pilatus PC-12 and a Beechcraft Premier jet flying through an active military operations area. The pilots took aggressive maneuvers to try to prevent a midair. ( Mehr...

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Daniel Baker 0
Here's a [ mirror of the video that's a lot faster]
Ifleye 0
Although completely legal, this is what happens when you fly through an active MOA. Probably not the smartest idea...even under IFR control.
paulthegreat 0
If you are ifr they will not fly you into an active MOA. In MISS and ALA they will use you as a target and practice finding you. You must be careful in the MOAS. These guys were complaining cause they were in a bad spot. Think about this. Why did the pilot climb. His Premier can not out climb a f 16. Why not make a turn away from the climbing aircraft? I hope they dinged him for flying a jet vfr.
n5ist 0
To paulthegreat:
TCAS only commands climbs or descents.
Turn info. is not given. Why would a pilot get dinged for flying a jet VFR?
EatSleepJeep 0
He didn't know it was an F16 when the TCAS warned him.
moonscape 0
I guess he didn't know it was a MOA either!
Cathy Vajtay 0
Hey guys.... MOA or "shMOA"....according to the FAR it's "see and A-V-O-I-D" not "see-and-go-get-em". And I didn't hear either pilot agree to formation flying .... 10 feet apart!!! Where was the common sense not to mention courtesy and avoidance manuever on the part of the F-16 pilot? He's the one that needs to get dinged and dinged good!!!
jimreed1 0
I cannot believe that I share airspace with uninformed idoits auch as paulthegreat. the military must be made to obeay the same rules as the rest of us save for national security concerns
jimreed1 0
Sorry guys I am a better pilot than a keyboard operator.


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