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Report: Amazon Air puts 70% of US population within next-day reach

Amazon's private airline is growing at a crazy pace, with new aircraft, airport infrastructure, and transportation suppliers. ( Mehr...

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Cleffer 1
I wonder how much time it is before they start taking mini-hops to regionals, or if that's financially sound?

Robert Cowling 5
I wondered that too. My shipments from Amazon seem to disappear once they leave their warehouses so finding out how it gets from A to B is impossible. But one thing that I am trying to do is impress on the wife to stop ordering commodity things from Amazon that we can get right around the corner. Ordering bandaids and toilet paper is ridiculous. The thought that many people see nothing wrong with their Prime blessed accounts resulting in more air cargo flights and more, and larger, trucks wandering the country is disheartening. I get the pandemic and not wanting to be exposed to the contagious hordes at local stores, but there are times to shop where they are less numerous. *sigh* The addiction of getting things fast is adding to the problems of global climate chance, and there seems to be no cognitive recognition of that fact at all. Sad...
Andy Cruickshank 2
Valid thoughts. Thank you. A modicum of planning on people's part would help and buying bathroom tissue and Kleenex on line is not needed. I understand that many people have to work odd hours and many have more than one job. It takes budget and active cashflow management to do this and these skills are not taught in schools. The other issue is having the space to store bulk purchases.We see Prime and FedEx trucks multiple times a day in our small semi rural subdivision.


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