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Coming This Year: New Low-Fare Airline Linking U.S., Japan, Korea

A new low-fare airline between the United States and Asia is set to take off in autumn 2022. Northern Pacific Airways plans to link 5 airports in the continental US with four destinations in Japan and Korea. ( Mehr...

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Torsten Hoff 3
Provided the pandemic is brought under control, I can see there being a lot of demand for this service.
Going to Japan 40 years ago from NY...required a stop in was a refreshing break of the journey....
patrick baker 3
this model is proven other places, so they are not inventing the wheel here. A programmed stopover in Anchorage is a splendid opportunity. The aircraft are also proven for this operation, so travel by 757 is a pleasure for sure. Twelve planes ought to be good for a start. I will watch this operation with great anticipation. Good luck ya'all
David Ingram 1
The Anchorage fuel stop has proved profitable for the 747 freighters now for years.
patrick baker 2
it is not for profitability reasons the several dozen 747 freighters stop over in anchorage, it is for refueling and for the ability to carry more freight instead of fuel for nonstops from china and japan to the united states. Also, crew staffing is easier to handle using Alaska as a stop, to change crews and to fuel up. No ten hour plus flights necessitating extra pilots this way. Someone may point out that FEDEX regularally flies nonstop in triple sevens from china and japan to memphis. This is true. This aircraft is designed to do this and still carry a huge cargo load. Not the 747 can do this.
Steve Stein 1
A lot of people are going to wonder why they have to fly way out of the way to get to Japan.

Then you show them a globe. Not a snow globe.
patrick baker 1
get a flat page mercater map and trace a straight line for yourself. It when the flight goes over the north pole that the distance is much greater, the flight longer. The winds determine these northern excursions.
Steve Stein 1
Looks like most SEA/SFO flights to both Tokyo airports fly pretty close to Unimak Island and DFW flies just south of ANC. Looking at Flight Radar right now.

Can’t post a screenshot, but that’s the current flights from the lower 48 and not freighters.
Peter Fuller 1
Good move to select the 757 to operate these services, since buying or leasing used 757s will be much cheaper than buying or leasing new frames with similar capabilities, such as the A321.


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