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A small US city is paying American Airlines up to $4 million to keep flying there as tiny communities continue to feel the impact of the pandemic

American Airlines first started flying to Stillwater Regional Airport in Oklahoma in 2016 but recently planned to back out due to unprofitability. However, on Monday, the Stillwater City Council approved a joint deal between the city and Oklahoma State University to keep the service afloat. ( More...

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avionik99 5
"We are proud to continue serving Stillwater and providing the local community access to our global network," American told Insider in an email statement confirming the deal."

American takes yet another bailout! Whats to be proud of that??
Roy Hunte 2
Money money money money
Peter Fuller 2
There’s more complete reporting in the local Stillwater News Press:,by%20receiving%20a%20revenue%20guarantee.&text=OSU%20has%20supported%20Stillwater's%20air,get%20commercial%20air%20service%20established.

This is nothing new, it’s not uncommon for airport operating authorities, chambers of commerce, etc. to offer airlines things like revenue guarantees, waivers of landing and gate fees, and so on to maintain services and attract new services.


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