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The Boeing 717 "Dial-A-Flap" system

In almost all commercial airliners, the flap settings are usually predetermined by the aircraft manufacture and are limited to the detents on the flap lever. On the Boeing 717 however, an added feature allows the pilot to select any degree between 0-20 to optimize take off performance with the use of the flap selector take off thumbwheel ( Mehr...

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Derek Vaughn 6
I love the 717.
Mike Boote 8
McDonnell Douglas did some cool things
John Duncan 2
The MD-80 has a 'dial-a-flap' system also. Works well!
Alex Sullivnan 1
Yup, the 717's system was directly derived from the MD-80's!
Charles Baker 2
Didn’t the DC-10 have this feature too?

spatr 1
The MD11 has it too
boughbw 2
It's too bad Boeing ended that 717 line. Had they pursued a composite 717, Bombardier would have punted from building planes long before they created the C-Series.
tcnine -7
I can’t believe nobody’s asked the question - “What’s with the gloves”? In over 30 years of piloting civilian aircraft I’ve never seen anybody flying with gloves. Is this a Covid thing? Lol
Mike T 12
Because tech ops often wears gloves due to the nature of our work having to touch oil, greasy, hydraulic covered parts and you forget you even have them on most of the time. I can't believe someone with over 30 years of flying hasn't ever realized that people besides pilots have job duties in the cockpit...

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Mike T 7
It's not an assumption as the person filming, moving the thumbwheel, narrating and making the video is the same person and a mechanic. Also, no where in my comment did I say the gloves being worn were greasy, just that we wear them while in and out of planes.
porterjet 5
I've flown with a few ex-military pilots who could not give up wearing gloves in civilian airplanes.


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