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Aeromexico plane made quick detour to avoid crash in Mexico City

The pilot of a plane belonging to Mexico's Aeromexico was forced to suddenly abort a landing in Mexico City on Wednesday night due to another plane blocking it on the same runway, the airline said on Thursday. The latest near-miss has put a spotlight on operations at Mexico City's saturated international airport, one of the busiest in Latin America, just as the capital city's newly-built second airport gears up after a March inauguration. ( More...

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ffrcobra1 6
I realize there have been issues at Mexico City, but come on. It was a go around because a plane was slow to exit the runway after landing. Happens every day all over the world. Not news.
Highflyer1950 5
I agree. Brings back a memory of flying an IILS in our Lr-35 one morning into YYZ with the w/x at 400’/1/2:in light snow. Hit about 400’ above DH and TWR called missed approach, aircraft on the runway. UP, UP and away fly a vectored pattern and this time at 100 above DH , TWR called go around…again! Different aircraft on the runway. I did ask when on the missed, if there was something going on we’re not aware of…..he laughed, I laughed (kind of) 3rd try was a charm! It happens.
Roger Anderson -2
Jesus, is this really happening? crap fest going on in Mexico.
linbb 0
Third world tower operations what does one expect?


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