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I cant think of a title for this

This appeared to be a routine, perfectly executed single gear down landing until we learned that the copilot jumped ship from 3300' miles away from RDU ( Mehr...

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Rick D 8
After over a hundred years of aviation, the media still gets it wrong. The banner under the reporter says the plane made a crash landing. Wrong. It made a controlled landing, albeit, under unusual circumstances.
sparkie624 3
You expect good reporting on Aviation from Reporters???
George Greeley 3
He was leaning out the back door bottom corner to see the condition going on and accidentally fell out.
F Holden 2
Ed Allen 2
He may have gone back to check the gear and fell out. Just a hunch.
sparkie624 1
That was my beginning thought.. FO's have been known to go back and check the gear.
bbabis 1
Has the missing gear been found? If it is close to where he landed, it may have struck or hooked him when it departed the aircraft as he inspected the damage.
Chris B 1
Go over to Juan Browne’s you tube channel Blancoliero for his take on this.

All of a sudden I get it . A tragic accident
tlfys1 1
Jumped? hummm
sparkie624 1
I do not think that is confirmed.. I cannot find the article now, but it was reported that the FO left the cockpit to go check on something in regards to the gear... Apparently opened the rear door to better inspect. What we do not know is.. Did he Fall or did he Jump... May be an impossible question to answer!
zuluzuluzulu 1
Another network says he jumped or fell. Trying to free stuck gear?
Torsten Hoff 3
What a bizarre event.

From what I know about the aircraft, the landing gear isn't even retractable. And there is no way to reach the landing gear from any of the doors.
Chris B 1
FlightAware log for that flight has a really strange profile.

And yes, the landing gear is fixed.
zuluzuluzulu 1
So, he jumped? What a bazaar conversation that had to be. He didnt survive.
zuluzuluzulu 1
The young, 23 yo pilot was well rated to fly and last week told his father, their is no other job he'd rather be doing at this point in his life. Very strange.
Torsten Hoff 5
I wonder if he opened a door to try to get a look, leaned out too far and got sucked out. Very sad.

10and250 1
Somebody's got a lot of 'splaining to do...
Andy Cruickshank 1
Local Raleigh paper said he lost a wheel, so a wheel problem rather than gear. Unverifed


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