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Flyers Rights Argues Case for Minimum Mandated Seat Size in U.S. Court of Appeals

Submitted, the largest passenger rights organization and advocate, argued in a U.S. Court of Appeals 3-judge panel that airlines should have a required minimum seat size by law. ( More...

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OMG - this seriously hits home for me the past week or so. We hired a woman(?) and the interview was online...blah blah. Her first day her office chair broke...the metal pole went through the base and cut a hole in the carpet. We had to special order a chair for her (seriously, 600lbs limit) and it does not fit under or near her, on Friday I am on a flight from MCO to KEF, and I PRAY it is not a US Citizen I am near, as most are morbidly obese by the time they are in third grade.

Not only should the seat size be up to the airline...maybe they should start charging "Pay what you weight" like freight (we are after all freight)...and mandate hygene standards as well as dress codes, and no more freaking emotional support critters...


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