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American Airlines Boeing 787 Declares Emergency over Scottish Isles

An American Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner has declared an emergency in the last few minutes over the Scottish Isles. ( More...

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bentwing60 2
Didn't read the article, full disclosure!

The declaration of an emergency in an aircraft, GA or part 121, is just that, We need priority handling and nothing else will do! Many a professional pilot has avoided those words in a direct response implied by the fear of the consequences. Don't be afraid to use the term or accept the consequences,and by the same token, don't use it lightly. When used properly,it might save your life, and those of 72 others. ATC is sittin' in a well guarded space.
Norman Tame 0
BRITISH ISLES, don’t pander to the SNP who wish to break up the UK.
Think South versus North in The USA?
Davif Smith 5
Sympathise with your view but unsure as to its relevance here (?)
Bandrunner 3
It declared an emergency over the Orkney Islands, which are definitely Scottish.
Sorry to burst your Little Englander bubble, mate.
David Sim 2
Agree with bandrunner , what's the point of being specific in terms of geography since the UK covers 4 countries as well as terms like North Sea oil. Enjoy your bubble.


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