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Former LA Fire Chief’s Son Accused Of Bribing TSA Agent, Smuggling Pot Onto Flight

Peaks Jr. admitted he bribed a TSA agent, Dianna Perez, to let his suitcase go through security screening for an American Airlines flight. He and Perez also said that they had worked together before and that several thousands of dollars had exchanged hands. ( Mehr...

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Karl Scribner 0
So what does the father's occupation have to do with this at all? Jr. is a criminal, not dad. The PRESS, what a joke, is obsessed with piling on, but have you ever seen a headline, Reporter's son/daughter arrested for...? I didn't think so.
Makes me feel safer! This theater is a joke!
richard weiss 0
Yet another example of the scam we think of as airport security.
Gene spanos 0
Wow......lock his ass up!
But he was a good kid judge, from a good family. His father protected LA for years from fire. They gave to charity, he was on the high school's glee team. Your honor, his sister is an officer with the LAPD, they are a law abiding family, they never stole from burning houses or beat up suspects.
I have taken all this into consideration and am imposing a fine of $20 and 1 week's unsupervised probation.
Don Price 0
In 2001 I was hired by SASR to assist Lockheed Martin with the training of TSA agent. As I have previously reported to Congress, the FAA and the TSA I saw people who one would not hire to walk their dog being trained as TSA Agents. I saw FAA managers forge training records and lie about test results. Nobody ever responded to my concerns so you get what you pay for.. Govenment Crooks
Unfortunately it's the way of life...
Tim Smith 0
aka the American way....
richard weiss 0
I'm not a major league Ron Paul supporter, but I do agree with him on one subject. Paul wants to abolish the TSA. He is obviously a very smart man.
Huuuhhhh, u got me confused!!!
richard weiss 0
just read it again, thrustt, slowly this time
I don't know, all I could understand is natural blondes, I'm getting my TSA application
Karl Scribner 0
What does his father's occupation have to do with anything, the "press" is obsessed with piling on with such things. Jr. there is a creep and need incarceration. Dad isn't even accused of any involvement but gets outed for it. Good people can have bad kids. Ever see a story, former reporters child arrested the crime?
Troy Raiteri 0
And these are people that are protecting OUR AIRPORTS!! Imagine if that was a terrorist or bomber. Things could've gone really bad just shows the TSA "At its best to keep America safe! :D"
Jane Ford 0
hey,hey,hey...Thrustt: the TSA might be a lot cheaper than medical coverage the government is slowly chipping away at: here are the lastest TSA stats (saves on doctor's visits, for sure) -- Year to date statistics on Airport screening from

the Department of Homeland Security:



Terrorist Plots Discovered                  0

Transvestites                                    133

Hernias                                         1,485

Hemorrhoid Cases                       2,172

Enlarged Prostates                      4,249

Breast Implants                           9,350

Natural Blondes                            3
I suspect that goes on frequently when skycaps often reconize you and take luggage for a tip directly thru inspection.


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