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A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot (Video)

Follow Cap’n Aux as he makes his rounds through a typical day’s flying as an Airbus A320 Captain ( Mehr...

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Wendell Smith 9
It's cheaper to burn fuel hauling fuel for the next leg than to buy it in California. Interesting.
Eric Auxier 5
It's surprisingly true. Of course the computers calculate just how much is cost-effective. But as a pilot, I love to tanker...never can have enough fuel!
You know I have had MANY arguments with the "powers to be" over fuel loads in my 35 yrs. and I have NEVER lost one of those arguments. Also I have never had an "in-flight" fuel quantity issue as well!
In my 35 years I had MANY arguments with the powers to be as to how much fuel I was loading. I NEVER lost a single argument...BUT.. I also NEVER had an in-flight fuel QUANTITY issue!
Eric Auxier 3
Lol, fortunately our company is good at respecting our requests ;)
Dave Willis 4
Captain Aux goes viral! Love it!

BTW, I remember a pilot once saying "You can never have too much fuel - unless you are on fire!" LOL!

Keep up the great work!

Dave W
If you ever get the urge to visit the South Pacific, you are welcome here. We moved to the Philippines after the '08 election. I retired in 2007 (health issues). If your family would like to see the world like it was in the 1950's (with cell phones), our door is open.
Don Wilson 1
Arthur where in the PI are you, my wife and I have a home in Puerto Galera?

Don Wilson
Hello Don,
We live in Metro Manila (Q.C.), about 18km (11mi) NE of Ninoy Intl. Airport. Right under the turbojet downwind/base turn for 24. After I attended one of the Pilot get-togethers here, when we sit on our roof deck with the lights on, we get some LL flashes now...hehehe.. That sure makes you feel good.
Sorry, sometimes our internet to FlightAware is a couple hours behind, I didn't think that it had posted.
Wendell Smith 3
Very true. Great video. Keep them coming.
fresnosmooth 2
With that in mind, would it be fair to say flights leaving California will have just enough fuel to be legal?
Ralph Wigzell 3
May I respond to this? You probably all know this spoof, but it is as true as it gets for some :
I am not going to rate this comment. Because I have indeed met Pilots like the one in the video....BUT... I would like to think that I have conducted my career in a "Professional Manner". It may be hard to believe...but , I do not remember having a time I wished to be in any other profession.
Ralph Wigzell 3
That's why I said "for some" ;)
tim mitchell 3
nice video
Karen Clary 3
Loved that video. Being a former F/A, I can relate to all the above!
Sunny Shebylo 2
They are NOT called 'AIR' tanks!!!!
Bonnie Ripley 2
Busy fun life you have, and oh so interesting. The adding on more gas to save $$ still makes me think that the heavier plane is the more gas you'd end up burning. What do i know?! Lol! Anyways, more vlogs to come I hope. :)
Julie Theriot 3
That Michael sure has Great taste........posting Cappy's Video!!!
Hey Eric, good job on the video. I sure wish I had done something like that on my last day. My last day was one of the best of my entire career, it was like the "BLUE SKY" GODS were with me the entire day. Also, when I retired my wife Ana and I moved to the South Pacific (Philippines). You are welcome to come visit us if you need to go back in time (1950's with cell phones)
Eric Auxier 3
Wow, sounds fantastic, Arthur, thanks! Congrats on a successful career!
Eric Auxier 2
Thanks for posting my vlog, Michael! Y'all come visit me at !
Keonikamakana 1
Move over Scorsese. The Cap'n is coming through.
Elheeno Mann 1
Great stuff.
ken young 1
Cool beans!!
Oneontaky 1
Hi Captain. I'm 64 y.o. and retired as a Jet Engine Master Mechanic for GE. I was involved with every major developement project, Commercial and Military, between 1966 and 2005. But I would trade all of it for any day you describe. Factories are not nearly as cool as being in that cockpit. You make the videos, and I'll enjoy them all. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I'll look forward to all your issues I can find Thank You, Dan
Douglas Yates 1
My dad was an inspector at Bldg 800 Evendale which is where I am assuming you worked. My pilot friend Ray Brooks flew crews from my home airport Blue Ash to Peebles test facility.. GE was instrumental, peaking my interest in flying some 35 years ago. I am still rated pilot. Seeing how all this comes together engines aircraft and crew has been exciting. My 1st tours of military and civilian aircraft were at GE events. C5 and DC10. Keep them coming captain! Thanks for the comments Daniel.
Jan Ingvorsen 1
Fantastic video
Nige Lites 1
For a British view on the pilots life, and perhaps a sideways look at the kind of TV documentaries that like to do shows about the life of a pilot;

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Rick Mast 1
We are watching a 8L not 7R runway approach into PHX, and in the early afternoon not a 8 AM.
pully6 0
Ripper video Eric, thanks


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