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Europe mulls suspending airline emissions charge

European officials signaled Tuesday that they may recommend the suspension of the continent's carbon emission fees for airlines to avert a trade war with major economic powers such as China and the United States, allowing time to forge a global agreement on climate charges for the aviation industry. ( Mehr...

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Roland Dent 3
Reality check...hahaha
Chay Donohoe 7
The whole green tax thing is a ton of bullplop. I bet if they disbanded the whole EU central administration, the number of rainforests needed to be chopped down to fuel that insatiable red tape machine would be vastly reduced. Not to mention the reduction in hot air emissions from all that double talk.
jsjamieson33 4
I just flew into heathrow and if they really want to improve emissions they would build a third runway I have yet to come arcoss a time when we were not held up for al least 30 mins in the air. Rather than cap and trade/charge how about efficient skies!
Ian Pomeroy 4
Isn't that the truth for any 'green' tax throughout the world. Do you authorities still believe we believe they are doing good things with our green tax money. It is just another tax revenue stream.
toolguy105 2
I guess going green is costing them more than they can afford. As the saying goes; "Money Talks." As can be seen by the article money is definitely talking if not shouting at the EU over this Carbon Tax.
"Money talks and BS walks" is right. Looks like the BS is about to walk.
Dilip Ghosh 1
Al Gore is spearheading the carbon tax issue.This is his new hobby after romping around in Hotel rooms.The U.N. is their tool and it becomes so simple for the Banksters who control us to create scams one after another.
Dan Grelinger 1
'carbon emmissions charge' = 'tax on the stupid'

Fact: The times that earth was most full of life and burst forth with new species coincided with a much higher level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It was only with the entrapment of that carbon within the earth that the earth suffered ice ages and many forms of life went extinct. And this was long before man was around, so some other scapegoat needs to be identified. Aliens maybe?
Jeff Lawson 2
I suppose that's a reasonable argument if the goal is to recreate an environment without man, but that's generally not the direction most people would want to support. :)
My own opinion, which is worthless, is that obviously carbon emissions have some effect. But clear cutting the worlds rainforests probably has a bigger effect. IMHO
Dan Grelinger 0
Not really. If the goal is to accept an earth that is good for all life (including mankind), then more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not a bad thing.
Graham Welsh 1
This Tax is just another revenue collecter, as most european countries do nothing with it except to deposit in in the big black hols.
Alejandro S 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

E.U. To Consider Suspending Emissions Trading Scheme Carbon Tax, Fearing Retaliations And Trade War

E.U. ministers have began publicly saying they would support suspending the controversial ETS tax over fears that retaliations and trade wars are becoming "evident". This conflict could become serious and Airbus could suffer deeply," said Peter Hintze, a German deputy economy minister.

The ETS, or Emissions Trading Scheme...
The ETS should be re-named Emissions Trading Scam. The whole Anthropogenic Global Warming as depicted by Al Gore and his minions, amounts to a huge scam and when the final chapter is written, that will be the analysis.
bentwing60 0
And we will all be dead!
Wow, you certainly are excitable and easily manipulated. If you are a scientist, and not involved with the climate industry you have to conclude based on the science, that CAGW (CatastrophicAGW) simply is the result of alarmists hyperventilating together. Yea, it may be getting warmer but it has nothing to do with increases in CO2. Correlation has nothing to do with causation. If you know anything about signal to noise ratio, you can't find any relationship between CO2 and the warming. There is no signal and the noise swamps any discernible attempts to develop a conclusion. Try as you might, that is the bottom line. Remember 11,000 years ago we had an ice age and it has steadily been warming and the rate of increase has not deviated from the slope established 1000 years ago. It is incredible people like you on such flimsy basis of bogus information, using the published data with the confirmation biased results of the climate scientists, can make such outrageous statements. It is called herd instinct and you are being led by fools. History of this whole global warming episode will be amusing reading to reveal how the chicken little’s were the leading so-called climate scientists and how so many people were scammed into believing it, based on appeal to authority. Remember in 1888, 97 percent of doctors believed that bloodletting was effective for curing diseases. Calm down, breathe easily and study the real science and follow what is happening.
bentwing60 1
Wow! You missed my point entirely. I don't go for the scam and it will probably take the rest of my lifetime to turn around the profiteering greens and their manufactured science. Anything else?
Well I "hope" I missed your point. It looked like you were the typical responder alluding to the fact we will all "fry" (die) in the heat if we don't all line up behind Al Gore. Go back and re-read what was your short reply and see if you agree it could have been taken two ways. If sarcastic, (I presume you were) then it helps to end post with: /sarc I'm a little dense sometimes.

Science is not settled on global warming and I suspect there will be some fall-out; the ETS response is getting the message. I agree with Burt Rutan and his thinking. Anyway, thanks for the clarification. Nuff' said.
bentwing60 1
We are pulling from the same end of the rope. Yes it could easily be taken two ways, thus my left handed apology in the second comment. Nuff said. Now I will have to go look up Burt Rutan, as I like what he does but haven't seen any of his comments pertaining to the green thing.
Try this for Burt's thoughts:
bentwing60 1
His comments or letter on climate change seem to have been taken down, at least on Google. Has the topic but no more site.
bentwing60 1
Did, agreed and done. Thanks for the link.
bentwing60 1
Not a very well articulated comment on my part I will readily admit.


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