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FAA advisory group delays recommendations on relaxing ban on in-flight devices

The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday that an advisory group reviewing restrictions on electronic devices aboard airplanes has not finished its work and needs more time to complete its recommendations. As tablet computers and e-readers have proliferated among travelers, rules that they be powered down during takeoff and landing have faced mounting criticism from fliers and some officials. (www.washingtonpost.com) Mehr...

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Bill Babis 2
As was posted recently on FA, American Airlines is equipping all flight crews with smart devices (iPads) that can be used during all aspects of aircraft operation including takeoff and landing. Many other airlines, larger charter operators, and the majority of GA pilots also use smart devices at all times. And yet this government-industry group can't come up with any decision. I guess they have not spent enough money or partied at enough lavish locations yet. Maybe the only thing that needs to be done is replace the outdated "No Smoking" sign with a "No PED" sign that the crew controls. Takeoff, landing, and expected sever turbulence are a few times when this sign would be turned on because no one wants an e-reader or larger device coming down on their head should something happen.
Josh Preston 2
"I guess they have not spent enough money or partied at enough lavish locations yet".
Couldn't agree more! Probably haven't hit their wasted taxpayer spending quota as of this article.
Bill Baird 1
I think sparkie624 hit the nail on the head. Given the long history using the very same smart devices on the flight deck, it has nothing to do with an interference issue. I will admit that the FAA makes decisions at the speed of sludge I cannot believe it is a governmental continuing safety research item.
sparkie624 1
Powered down for Take off and landing has nothing to do with Electronics on the A/C. One good reason to have them powered off is simple... So that people will pay attention to F/A announcements, because people are too rude to allow others to listen because they already know everything.
Bill Babis 1
I agree Sparkie. That is common sense and common courtesy, two things i dearly miss in today's society.
sparkie624 4
I have thousands of hours of flying for company business... I can follow the entire announcement and know exactly what they are saying and about to say and do... If they mess up.. LOL, I know it. I remember once the captain started the takeoff roll with out announcing "Flight Attendants please be seated". Made a comment to the FA, and she said "Shh, he might get in trouble"... I have told people to be hold it down for a minute because I wanted to hear. Some people really need to hear these announcements.

There is nothing common about it anymore... "Common Sense: died along time ago. You can see his Obituary at: http://www.naute.com/thinkery/obituary.phtml


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