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Charges laid after laser pointed at HAWCS

A 19-year-old Calgary man is facing serious charges tonight after he allegedly pointed a laser at a Calgary police helicopter. ( Mehr...

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I hope they make an example out of this idiot. Flashing the aircraft once could be an accident, but, three times is intentional. I hope the crew member makes a quick and full recovery.
Gudseeds 2
Yes ! What an @#$hole. eh ! I hope they 'Make an Example' outta this guy ! Seems to come up in the News more and more lately ! Make those Lasers a 'Banned Weapon' I would think !
Dean Hoisak 2
The laws need to changed so that this crime is considered an Assault causing bodily harm instead of a simple mischief charge. If the actions result in the aircraft crashing, then first-degree murder charges are the only option.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
A lawyer's take.
No need for change in law. Such laws are there already every where. All that matters is HOW police/prosecution frame charges. And accordingly the category of guilt and the subsequent punishment will be decided by the courts.
Gudseeds 2
Sorry.. if that link does not work, try for the video !
Throw the book at him. Ship him to Detroit without a welfare check. It's the least we can do for Canada.
James Whiting 1
Finally got one of the idiots. I hope the penalty reflects the seriousness of the crime.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Yes culpable guilt. Punish the guy, brutalise him, tie him to a truck and drag him, hang him, flog the dead body and every thing. Why not? Because there is no law in that society. Nor is it existant in the society of the bloggers of this thread!
Isn't it ?
There obviously is something seriously wrong with this guy. Someone, however, must have taught him how to handle this equipment. Did they also teach him the dangers of using this equipment. Did he actually understand what he was doing. Last week I read that a commercial pilot was hit by a laser in Zurich, how many people could have killed here? A new danger that authorities must deal with quickly and effectively. Preferably by tomorrow.!!


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