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Plane that made emergency landing Wednesday was experimental Cessna

The Cessna plane that made an emergency landing in a field west of Cheney Reservoir late Wednesday afternoon was a Cessna experimental 182 JT-A equipped with a diesel engine designed to burn jet fuel, the company confirmed Friday. The test pilot, the sole occupant of the plane, was unhurt. The test airplane is part of Cessna’s development program to bring the model to market. According to emergency scanner traffic, the pilot called 911 around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday and told a Sedgwick County… ( Mehr...

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Calling 911 from the plane though?
Chris B 1
I suspect this aircraft is aimed at exports, rather than the North American market as Jet A has a price advantage elsewhere.
Bus has Cessna/FAA ever published the cause of this failure?
chalet -2
Who in his right mind would splurge half a million dollars on a disel engine 182 if it is quite posible to buy a second hand Citation, extremely well kept for a bit more than $ 1 million. It is things like this that are detrimental to the advancement of private aviation i.e. single engine aircraft to fly around over week-ends just for the fun of it.
btweston 3
Probably someone who understands that small jets are wildly inefficient to operate.
ToddBaldwin3 2
My understanding from the article is that this is a piston powered aircraft, utilizing a diesel engine, and burning Jet-A in lieu of standard diesel fuel.
chalet 0
Tell that to Messrs. Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault, Beech and Embraer.
btweston 2
That their planes cost more to operate than a prop? I... think they know that.
Darren Shields 1
They might agree considering the stage lengths the 182 JetA is flying versus the flight lengths their products are flying. Speaking relatively of course. I do however agree that part of the problem for average pilots aquiring their own a/c is crazy cost. Heck, even a 172 runs you $300k nowadays new. Where does that leave you? The LSA market which may or may not suit your mission requirements, or a used product which you may take a bath on in maintenance.
chalet 1
This is precisely the issue, those exotic "developments" do nothing to make personal aviation affordable
If by affordable you mean cheaper, I don't see that happening. On top of that, purchase price is like half the equation when it comes to real cost of ownership. Direct operating expense, maintainence, insurance, loan expense, and depreciation make up the other half.
Same people who buy zoom boats, yachts, Shelby's, fishing boats, and anything else. Because they can.
chalet 1
Everybody knows that, the thing is how many people are out there willing to do so. Read the last paragraph of the news where Cessna claims that this diesel 182 can fly non stop for 14 hours...... some argument.... Cessna is definitely and unfortunately out of touch
Why else would you want a nice single engine airplane if it wasn't to fly around for pleasure mostly? A new Cessna 400, née Columbia, is over $700k. I bought a 200hour used one for just over half. It's for fun. I can drive 15 minutes to the hanger and be in Florida in 2 hrs or Chicago in 1.5. Couple hundred for gas and I'm good. While a Citation is a faster steed, a couple hundred bucks won't even get the pilots to come to the plane. Lol. Most of us with a flying addiction are ruled by our pocketbook.
chalet 1
That is precisely what I wanted to emphasize, that the diesel 182 is so damn expensive that only a very few would spend 500K on it when the same pleasure derived from flying can be obtained for far less money like you yourself did. I mentioned a used Citation to underline that the price of the diésel 182 is absolutely out of reality.
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Diesel 182 Test Flight Ends In Emergency Landing

The pilot of an experimental Cessna 182 JT-A with an SMA diesel engine reported that his "engine blew" during a test flight last week...
Roger Peck 0
My understanding, from a recent Flying magazine article, is that Cessna is attempting to bring the jet fuel / diesel engine to the market as a solution to the decreasing global availability of leaded fuels. 110LL is not going to be around forever. Mogas LSA's already see this writing on the wall.


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