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EasyJet under fire after claims it refused to let The Drum columnist Mark Leiser on board for sending critical tweet

EasyJet is at the centre of fierce criticism after The Drum’s tech law columnist Mark Leiser tweeted that an easyJet manager had stopped him boarding a flight because he’d criticised the airliner on Twitter. ( Mehr...

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Martin Connor 3
Got distracted by the frequent use of the word airliner instead of airline.
Roland Dent 3
Mr Leiser reminds me of Mr Bean. easyJet are OK as long as you get to the airport at least 2 hours before the sched depart time. These esyJet guys work L O N G shifts, not illegal but lots of short hops and at 9:20pm I would have been in a foul mood.
thomas leiser 0
never an excuse for poor service.
zuschauer2000 3
He never flew with Ryanair ^^
EZY is Europe's best low-cost airline!
I love easyJet!
Guy Cocoa 1
Ryanair would not have denied boarding, they would have just charged their per tweet fee of 5 Euro.
thomas leiser 1
one can fool all of the people some of the time.
Alec Cohen 2
He should try Virgin atlantic instead
Martin Haisman 2
preacher1 2
I like that last comment/tweet in the article about the PR team had came to work and seeing the overnite train wreck. It was simply amazing how the tone changed.
Ken Lane 1
I wouldn't have denied boarding for his tweet. But now that he's proved himself a pinhead, that certainly qualifies.
It amazes me that they have the time to watch the twitter feeds and cross check them against the manifests real time and deny boarding. They clearly have at least one extra employee with too much time on their hands.
smoki 1
Free Speech is to some the be all end all excuse to say and do anything that suits them personally. Is EasyJet a private concern or not? If it is, as far as I'm concerned they can deny service to you if they don't like the way you part your hair. They can also reap the consequences of that becoming a public issue given their dependence on the public domain as the source of their business revenue. Once the manager heard the twit was a lawyer his tuned quickly changed but the damage was already done. Denying help to the "soldier" was only compounded by denying service to his advocate.
David Iles 1
I would not fly with Easyjet or Ryanair on principle.
Both companies in my opinion are frauds.
Budget flights with expensive hidden extras.
It's the old adage "you get what you pay for".
Dan Ross 1
Question still remains who from sleazyJet saw the tweet and what made them research who he was. If they are a no frills airline how did someone there have the time to do this? And how did they think they could get away with it. It's not as if he said he was going to blow up the place like that other guy at Robin Hood airport iirc.
matt jensen 1
I wouldn't let him onboard either.
Who cares?????
thomas leiser 0
Hope Easy Jet finds out about good customer service and that they train their people better than they appear to be trained. Time for Easy Jet to upgrade their procedures and personnell.

Let us hope that our Scottish Hero tweeter shows Easy Jet that one should not quote the law incorrectly to a lawyer.
LarryQB 0
The article doesn't say the pax was prevented from boarding, just that he was stopped. I presume the purpose was to ask the poor offended gentleman how the airline could take care of the issue.
"..had came to work...?"


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