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Air Force Names New Tanker 'Pegasus'

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh announced Thursday the service will name its new KC-46A tanker refueling aircraft the "Pegasus" -- after the mythological winged white horse. The decision to name the aircraft after the iconic figure in Greek mythology was announced at the Air Force Association's Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Fla. The naming announcement comes as the service is making progress on construction of the first several aircraft and preparing for the first… ( Mehr...

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I like it!!
CaptainFreedom 3
Beats 'Icarus', that's for sure!
...or Franken-tanker!
Love it!
Which gasoline company back in the day used a red winged horse as its symbol-- Mobil?
I hope they don't make a fuss about copyright.
It would be a great PR move for them to allow the red winged horse to be painted on the tail of the aircraft.
Charles Arkens 1
Yes it was Mobil Oil.
Pileits 1
How about 767-300ER now your talking.
Ray Zimmermann 1
Interesting how the word "Boeing" appears nowhere in the article.
Neil49 2
One shouldn't expect such attention to detail in Internet "journalism". Copy editing and fact checking have gone out the window, and broadcast media are following a similar trend.
I also struggled to note upon what base platform this KC-46 is built. The 'journalist' failed to tell us in the article. One see's a picture of what may be a B767 but the media are famed for offering 'library' images and claim them to be gospel under God as in context and the truth. I could see it ( the 'picture' ) as being a modified B767 and if that is the fact of the matter, is that not also as elderly as a current KC-10/DC10 airframe in terms of modernity?

I have mentioned upon this site in another thread about how the UK RAF have deployed the A330 MRTT, a purpose built military adaption of the civilian A330 aircraft is hugely in demand by airlines worldwide for it's cost / benefit bottom line. One asks why the US Department of Defense are so reluctant to help US taxpayers and simply go for something that is ready, in service and delivering what it was designed for?
ToddBaldwin3 1
The original contract award was for the KC-45/A330 <RTT, to be built in partnership with Northrop-Grumman. Boeing protested, and won the re-award of the contract. To answer your other comment, these will be on new airframes, not modified existing airframes.
I would really like to know what this new airframe might be as I am unaware of anything new in the pipeline. If not any of the current fleet of Boeings and with the hostility of Congress to awarding contracts outwith the United States it could not be an Airbus frame unless built under licence in the US. Could be perhaps an A331-300 MRTT perhaps built at Long Beach or even Everett on a Boeing line??

Why on earth cannot the US military ask for the restart of the KC-10 production line for a new modernised tranche as this is a perfectly capable ship or as mentioned, the 767? Is it so difficult?
ToddBaldwin3 1
I wasn't entirely clear in my post. The KC-46 will be built on new 767 air frames, so no new airplanes have to be designed. Your idea about building the A331 in the US is exactly what Air Bus/Northrop-Grumman had in mind. The were going to license build the aircraft in the US, Alabama I think. This whole new tanker program has been used as a case study for government acquisition ethics training. Just look up Darleen Druyun and you'll read enough to get your blood pressure up.

You might also be interested in Boeing's information on the program
ToddBaldwin3 1
Thank goodness they didn't use Phoenix or Icarus.
Wilfred Taylor 1
Are You ready for all the possible cute, and not-so-cute, unofficial nicknames for the 46?

Peg, Peggy, Gus, Gasser, Bus… etc


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